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Blackbird Arts Journal (Blackbird)

Blackbird is a student-run arts journal at Middlebury College. At the end of each semester, we release a collection of the best prose, poetry, and visual art on campus.

Campus Student Newspaper (The Campus)

The Campus is Middlebury's only student weekly. The Campus has a 105-year-old tradition of providing timely reporting to the College community, and it has trained countless journalists and Pulitzer Prize winning writers. Contact us to get involved!

Crampus (The Crampus)

Humor magazine that pokes fun at topics relevant dealing with the campus as well as the world. Written by a band of starving geniuses who just want to make a quick buck.

Middlebury Geographic

Middlebury Geographic is designed to capture and celebrate the stories, independent research, and worldwide adventures of the Middlebury College student body.

The Idle Times

The Idle Times is a subscription-based visual arts magazine that showcases the glorious doodles, sketches, cartoons and all other art between the margins that Middlebury students, teachers, and broader community have to offer.


Middlebury College's multi-lingual student publication