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Alianza aims to create a support network for Latin American students and students interested in the culture.

Arabesque: The Arab Heritage Club (Arabesque)

Arabesque is a portal for Middlebury students to discover and experience the beauty of Arab cultures.

Asian Students in Action (ASIA)

ASIA seeks to enrich the life of Middlebury students by introducing and promoting Asian culture.

Black Student Union (BSU)

The Black Student Union strives to represent the concerns and interests of black students in the Middlebury community while providing a safe place for students to discuss and celebrate issues of diversity and intersectional identity.

Chinese Society

The Middlebury Chinese Society aims to raise awareness of Chinese culture to the Middlebury community, catering to the need for further cultural exchange between diverse cultures represented on campus. It also promotes academic discussion about China

Dead Parent Society (DPS)

DPS will act as a support group for students that have gone through a death of a recent family member. Group will be a safe space for speaking about experiences of loss and the effects that it can have on individual's lives. Group will meet monthly.

Distinguished Men of Color (DMC)

Distinguished Men of Color is a student organization dedicated to creating space for people of color to better understand and heal from the intersecting pressures of race, gender, masculinity, and white supremacy.

French Club

French Club is an organization that promotes French and Francophone culture on campus. We will offer 1 or 2 French cultural events per semester in English. Bienvenue!

German Club

The German Club organizes and hosts events on campus, which help students learn more about German culture in a fun and engaging way. No previous German language experience is necessary!

Il Circolo Italiano (Italian Club)

The Italian Club is an organization that seeks to promote the appreciation of the Italian language and culture at Middlebury College. We work together with students, Italian Department faculty, and the Italian T.A. to hold events.

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