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Badminton Club (Badminton)

The badminton club provides a fun and welcoming forum in which members of the College community can learn about and improve their skills in the game of badminton.

Cycling Club

The Cycling Club's goal is to build a supportive community of cyclists on campus. We provide tools for organizing group rides, maintaining equipment, and introducing new cyclists to cycling. We ride both recreationally and competitively.

Equestrian Club (Equestrians)

This is a club for any and all students who love horses and want to ride, show or just spend time with horses. We have both a showing hunter/jumper and a non-showing lesson team, all levels welcome. Come one, come all--the more the merrier!

Fencing Club (Fencing)

The Fencing Club is a 3-weapon team that offers beginning classes and a competitive environment for experienced fencers.

Figure Skating Club (Figure Skating)

We aim to provide a year-round community at Middlebury College for figure skaters of all levels.

Middlebury College Sailing Club (MCSC)

The goal of the sailing club is to offer students at Middlebury College the opportunity to experience the joys of sailing, whether for the first time or for the hundredth time, and to give racers an opportunity to shine in New England College sailing.

Middlebury Crew

An intercollegiate club sport, Middlebury Crew strives to promote competitive rowing in an enjoyable, supportive team environment. Have fun making boats go fast!


Middlebury Quidditch is proud to be the first college in the country to successfully develop a grounded, muggle-friendly game. Created by Xander Manshel and Alex Benepe in 2005, the sport has grown to hundreds of college campuses nationwide.

Rugby Club - Men (Men's Rugby)

The Men's Middlebury College Rugby Club strives to promote the playing and enjoyment of rugby within the Middlebury College community in a safe and competitive environment.

Rugby Club - Women (Women's Rugby)

We are a Division 2 Women's Rugby Club that plays in the fall and spring. We are open to players of all levels (no experience necessary!) and play under the coaching of the incredible K.O. Onufry.

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