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Alianza aims to create a support network for Latin American students and students interested in the culture.

American Chemical Society: Middlebury Student Chapter (Midd ACS)

The purpose of the Midd ACS is to raise interest in chemistry on campus through demonstrations and community outreach and to create a community with those who share an interest in chemistry through mentorship and involvement with the national chapter.

American Enterprise Institute Club (AEI Club)

American Enterprise Institute on Campus seeks to promote free market values and principles including, but not restricted to, the importance of free enterprise and a limited federal government through events and discussion.

American Sign Language Club (ASL)

A club for those interested in learning about Deaf culture and American Sign Language. All levels, including complete beginner, are welcome!

Amnesty International (Amnesty)

Amnesty International is the world’s largest grassroots human rights organization, with over 3 million members, supporters and campaigners in 150 countries with a vision of a world in which every person enjoys all human rights.

Arabesque: The Arab Heritage Club (Arabesque)

Arabesque is a portal for Middlebury students to discover and experience the beauty of Arab cultures.

Architecture Table

Architecture Table is a design interest club that encourages creative thought and fosters critical dialogue concerning the built environment and its interaction with the natural world.

Asian Students in Action (ASIA)

ASIA seeks to enrich the life of Middlebury students by introducing and promoting Asian culture.

Atwater Commons

Atwater Commons is an exciting community within the larger world of Middlebury College, an entity defined both by the buildings it comprises and, much more, by the people who inhabit them.

Badminton Club (Badminton)

The badminton club provides a fun and welcoming forum in which members of the College community can learn about and improve their skills in the game of badminton.

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