Application for Spring 2017 is available!

Applications are due Sunday October 30th by 8pm.


There are 6 open beds in Brooker for Spring 2017. There are no open beds in J-Term. 

We’re looking for passionate people with a broad range of interests and skills (outdoor and otherwise) who want to be active participants in a caring community. We also consider your class year, whether you’ve applied before, and your flexibility to live in a double or single. 

Please answer the questions below and send your responses (Word doc or PDF) to with “APPLICATION” in the subject line.

Application Questions

  1. What’s your full name, nickname (if you have one),  and hometown?
  2. How do you describe your gender?
  3. What year are you at Midd? 
  4. Have you applied to Brooker before? 
  5. What are your favorite things to do outside, and are there any you’d like to learn or teach? (They don’t all have to be active)
  6. Do you consider yourself an introvert, extrovert or something in between?
  7. What excites you about living in Brooker?
  8. We know Brooker isn’t perfect, and we’re working towards creating a more welcoming community. What are your suggestions on how we can work together to create this community? 
  9. What will you bring to the house? (Literally or figuratively)
  10. Tell us about your last “oh shit” moment. 
  11. Anyone in Brooker or applying to Brooker that you’d like to share a room with?

Applications are due by 8pm on Sunday October 30th. You will be informed whether or not you have been accepted by Friday November 4th. 

Looking forward to seeing you around the fireplace, in the woods or at our Monster Mash Smash on Saturday October 29th at 9pm!

If you have any questions about the application process, feel free to email

Lots of love from your Brooker Haus Presidents! 

Posted by Krista Karlson on October 24, 2016